• Repair and maintenance of industrial machinery
    Repair and maintenance of industrial machinery

    We offer our help and technical consultancy in the machinery modernisation, control change, metering systems installation, the purchase of new equipment for the needs of future production.

  • We repair machines
    We repair machines

    We repair machines made in analogue control technology and in numerical control. We repair controls including the electronics, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

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The company "APSB" Automatyka Przemysłowa Sławomir Bienert was established in 2008. It is a continuation of the company "ServisComp" in the field of industrial automation service. The company has won the trust of many companies in the region. This is the result of years of experience in the area of industrial automation, manufacturing, and control of production processes gained as well inside as outside the country. The main goal of the company is high customer satisfaction at every stage.

The main directions of our activity are:

• Repair and maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment.
• Repair of machinery control systems.
• Design and implementation of new control systems based on programmable logic controllers.
• Assembly and disassembly of industrial machinery and equipment
• Consultancy in modernization of the machinery, control selection, selection of measurement systems
• Repair and maintenance of electrical installations.
• Design of switchgears.
• Energy measurement.

Przykładowe realizacje EN

  • Układ sterowania maszyny
    Układ sterowania maszyny
  • Sterowanie serwonapędów
    Sterowanie serwonapędów
  • Układ regulacji temperatury
    Układ regulacji temperatury