• Repair and maintenance of industrial machinery
    Repair and maintenance of industrial machinery

    We offer our help and technical consultancy in the machinery modernisation, control change, metering systems installation, the purchase of new equipment for the needs of future production.

  • We repair machines
    We repair machines

    We repair machines made in analogue control technology and in numerical control. We repair controls including the electronics, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

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Examples of the projects and assembly work:

  1. Work on startups factories in Poland, Russia and India.

    • Assembly and startup of the machinery.
    • Creation of service structures.
    • Training maintenance crew.

  2. Modernisation of the machine controls for the casting of aluminum (chill pistons).
  3. Modernisation of the extruder control.
  4. Modernisation of the saws controls for cutting PCV profiles.
  5. Modernisation of the cleaning and milling machine controls for PCV profiles.
  6. Modernisation of the welding machine controls for PCV profiles.
  7. Design and installation of controls for numeric drills.
  8. Design and installation of control systems of machines for the food industry (washing machines, transport systems, access control system).
  9. Design and implementation of management systems of the traction batteries in charging rooms.
  10. Design and construction of switchgears hold traction batteries.
  11. Design and manufacturing of packaging machine controls.
  12. Design and manufacturing of automatic scrolling controls.
  13. Design and construction of control systems for the production of packaging machines (windows stickers, folders, printers, receptors, etc.).



Przykładowe realizacje EN

  • Układ sterowania maszyny
    Układ sterowania maszyny
  • Sterowanie serwonapędów
    Sterowanie serwonapędów
  • Układ regulacji temperatury
    Układ regulacji temperatury